🇬🇧 Ungarisch​-​Amerikanische Freundschaft

albumIt is released the Ungarisch-Amerikanische Freundschaft album from The Quick and the Dead band. The group based in Budapest, Hungary. This album available in bandcamp.

Dave, Syporca Whandal, Johannes, Orban

The group description
“We believe in improvisation as seance. Sundays together on a flash in the pan adventure. We board a music train with backpacks full of golden fish and Bakelit. Humming down the tracks, speaking to our god murderers in a futurist tribal chant. Carried on the whirring wings of lap steels and bass strings. A voice that’s fused with electronic montage and wild shouts of ‘atom cutter damen, olé!’ A clattering, space-bending temple where silent films learn to speak through Asimov’s voice. We are at home in Budapest.
The memory of dustballs that fly past open doors and the voices of poets flooding wild open windows. Distorted poems splintered on the floor lapped up by the ghost of a man who yelled at cats. And after the footfall of feasters, the clinking of glasses, and the voice of Maldoror… you will hear the mew of Boogie and Cin, dreaming of their new life as sex gods, dancing in a fish tank to The Miracles “Love Machine” and giving away free selfies.”

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