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Minek is a three-member (Hedvig Nagy M., Zopán Nagy, Syporca Whandal) collective arts colleges. Their introductory exhibition was given the title “feketEpe”, referring to the long black ears of melancholy. According to Hippocrates, the diseases are caused by the disproportionate distribution of the four body fluids: blood, yellow bile, black bile and mucus, the fainting blend of lifeblooded fluids, and the melancholic mood swings in the black epe may also show signs of mood. The work of the members of the collective is linked by this melancholic feeling of life, all of which came from the neighborhood of the post-war subculture of the eighties.

Nagy M. Hedvig (1983) photographer
Life is: fighting ourselves with the outside world, with God and its absence, and with death. His sad and cruel images are only about to talk about the essence. And if a young artist is willing to talk about such a ruthless consistency, then maybe there is hope. Perhaps there are those who, by their actions, obscure the death – possibly just by showing the truth of death – so perhaps existence is not just a single orbital lie.

Nagy Zopán (1973) poet, photographer and artist
A large-scale intellectual man with wide-ranging knowledge and sophistication. In the literary scene he is a permanent marker of “the last avant-garde poet”.
Nagy Zopan – like a man of paradoxes – twists one more thing: in hell hell is trying to boil down: his own ghostly visions. His high-profile past photos are always dark, humorous pictures. It is characterized by strong symbolism – but what it can mean to symbolize it is covered in dense obscurity. It fuses and provokes the chance. Intensive philosophy and imagination-attention motivates – just like his poems – and constantly reflects on himself in the works. Mystical involvement in philosophical paradoxes exists.

Syporca Whandal (1977) is an artist and performer
The “all-browed” fragments are arranged in their mosaic with all the artwork. He goes after his own head, experimenting, tapping on his own and the boundaries of others. His creative fanaticism goes beyond the fictional and manifested labyrinth of linear goals. Its physical existence and its creative power in pseudo-existence gain eternal restlessness.

At the opening ceremony, members of Halszájoptika (Ákos Haynal, Zoltán Nagygyörgy, Imre Varga) read the short sketches written for the exhibitors’ photos on musical bases. Halszájoptika is a creative community that is expanding in 2014. On their site ( photos are displayed, and these are short, cheerful, sad, grotesque texts that have been developed by the pictures from various authors’ feathers.

The exhibition is opened by Tibor Miltényi
Acts of the opening: Halszájoptika, Syporca Whandal, Nagy Zopán, music: Rosinflux

Opening: September 28th 7pm
Place: Bakelit Multi Art Center, 1095 Soroksári út 164.
The exhibition is open until 10 October every weekday from 10am to 4pm.

For more information on the September issue of Kalligram:
with the photographs of Minek Kollektiva and the texts of Halszájoptika.

The exhibition can be visited free!

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