🇬🇧 STRAND festival

The aim of the STRAND festival is that the teenagers can party and relax before summer ends. The last day of the festival, 26th August was perfect for this aim and according to the singer of the band Halott Pénz: “Everyone pushed the night” which means the party was really good and everyone enjoyed themselves.

STRAND festival

As it was very hot during the day all the participants tried to cool themselves with different methods. Some of them swam in lake Balaton meanwhile others drank cold alcoholic drinks. The ones who still felt hot could participate in a water battle. Around 5pm the crowd was growing in the Petőfi stage where the participants got the water guns and water bombs. Some of the teenagers couldn’t resist the temptation and threw their bombs before the game even started. The programme was exciting and noone could avoid becoming wet. Though the green team won the promised drinks the browns received prizes too.

water battle

After the water battle the Mary Popkids was in charge of the good atmosphere. During the day a lot of Hungarian and foreign bands could be heared such as Margaret Island, 30y, Esti Kornél, Quimby, Halott Pénz and John Newman. Beside the concerts there was an amusement park for the brave ones.

Halott Pénz

There were some crazy teenagers who weren’t scared of the cold water in the evening but the majority preferred just watching the sunset and the lights. Before 7:30pm everyone was trying to find a good place at the MOL stage where the Halott Pénz had a concert. During the concert everybody was dancing and singing the lyrics with the singer, Dávid Marsalkó. The party was so good that the audience called back the band and after the concert hundreds of teenagers were singing the refrain of Darabokra törted a szívem.

The people didn’t have much time to chill because John Newman was singing on the stage. The british singer was not just singing but dancing as well which absolutely gave him the attention. The ones who preferred another style could listen to Quimby and Szabó Balázs bandája (the band of Balázs Szabó).

At night there was an electronic dance party at the Petőfi stage from where the firework could be also seen. The ones who had lost their energy had an opportunity to wach Hungarian films under the stars. The others could party for the Ivan and the Parazol or join electronic dance parties.

The STRAND festival was a great finish of the festival season. See you next year in Zamárdi!

Text: Zsófia Szalai
Photos: Csaba Szalai