🇬🇧 PLT/12

PLT/12PLT (PLATEAU) is a Hungarian live-art ’zine by Imre Dénes.

“First PLATEAU released at 2011 and now (June/2017) the PLT/13 is under editing. There are two editions every year, usually on twenty four pages, A5 form. The paper, hard copy PLT is black and white, the web version is color. The ’zine is absolutely homemade and non-profit.

The main goal of the ’zine is documenting (artistic performances, live-arts) in such detail as far as possible. No criticism, no qualification, only and strictly description and documenting. Sometimes a little emotion…

My original intention was the documentation, to fixing an ephemeral art in a poorly documented environment. Ever since the situation changed and now very often almost everybody can make videos, photos with phones – and they do this – so the performances – it seems – are well documented – and maybe shared on internet – but it’s unsystematic. Parallel with this for me grew the importance of the printed-text-on-paper because of the obstinate feeling of the digital world instability.

So the old-school paper version lives on!

The first twelve PLTs contain about 228 performance descriptions, ten articles from other authors, some poems and graphics, and a lot of photos – of course.”

The PLTs are readable and downloadable in PDF format: PLATEAU FANZIN

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